Creative Metamorphosis: Butterfly Medicine


The Butterfly holds the keys for transformation! The “Creative Metamorphosis = Butterfly Medicine Reading” is Right for you if you are Interested in: 1) Uncovering Your Life’s Purpose; 2) Looking for Direction in your life + Wondering What your Next Steps are; 3) Thinking about or looking to start a New Business or Creative Project; 4) Looking to Open up your life to more Creativity, Openness and Growth; or are 5) Ready to Harvest your Bounty in life?




Are you Ready to Unlock the Power of your Creativity and Manifest your Destiny like a Boss Butterfly? Needing direction on a Creative Project or Career Move?

Butterfly has a tremendous amount to share with us about Manifesting our Life’s Purpose. In this in-depth 90-minute reading, We will pull Four (4) cards from the Medicine Card Deck, exploring your Project from the stages of development of one of the World’s Greatest Transformers and Manifesting Giants: The Butterfly…

Working together with the Medicine Cards, along with your Questions, Goals, Creative Project and Intention, Empowering Action Steps will be revealed and outlined to Help You Powerfully take Flight and move gracefully through each stage of development…

Card and Stage Descriptions:

1) THE EGG…This is the “Nucleus or Seed” of your idea, project, or activity you are wishing to Create + Manifest;

2) THE LARVA…This is the “Early Doing” – What needs to be done and how will it be done in the Pragmatic World – By whom & why. ;

3) THE COCOON…This Card speaks of “Higher Purpose” & This is where the Greatest Transformation occurs before emerging as the Butterfly. At this stage it is good to ask yourself: Why you are looking to open your Voice to the world! Is it to serve Yourself, the Greater Good or both? 

4) THE BUTTERFLY…This is the “Card of Manifestation” – How will you fly into the world? What needs to be done to ground so that you can take flight and share your Voice and personal Medicine?



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