“The Voice” Yoga

“The Voice” Yoga – Yoga to Unleash our Unique Signature

I have been incorporating Yoga into my Voice Sessions, Lectures and in my Workshops in Yoga studios for years and when I became a Certified Yoga instructor this past year, I decided to take this to the “Official” Mat… It just made sense! Seeing everyone as a “Voice” and musical being here to develop and express their own Unique Signature, I developed various “Exercises” and a “Yoga Series” to help people do just that! When we raise our arm or step into a pose, we are creating sound internally and externally, whether we realize it or not.Like most Instruments, we all need tuning…”Coming to the Mat” helps us discover, explore and refine our inner and outer sounds and how we express our Voice in this world!

Most people know that Yoga translates as “Union” and is much more than the physical movement we hear so much about…Yoga is an art form and a way of living and is intended to strengthen and purify our bodies, minds and spirits to allow us to become the “Best forms of ourselves” that is possible. By connecting the idea of We as the “Voice” in “Union” with our “Movement” in this world, we are able to connect more deeply with our bodies and breath support and we are able to connect with our body as the Tuned Instrument of constant support, transformation & fountain of inspiration – the home where we experience, live & thrive throughout this lifetime!

The Yoga Mat & practice of Yoga is merely a mirror to our true selves. As we learn to practice with sincerity and honesty and meet ourselves exactly where we are, regardless of where we are physically, emotionally or mentally, we come closer to seeing & realizing what we are made of and what we are here to do and express in our lives…

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Temple of Sound – Connect with your Body as a Vibrational Instrument

Your Body is a TEMPLE OF SOUND, Frequency & Vibration…Our Heart Beats, our Breath sounds like wind, Each organ has its own frequency and sound and although mostly inaudible, our Bodies are creating an Inner Symphony – a Hum or some believe “Aum” aka “Om” that underlies the very nature of existence – and Each of us holds a universe within us!

When we go to the Doctor, they literally “listen” to our bodies to assess baseline functioning! We also grow, develop, and create our world through sound! It’s time to “Tune-In” and connect with our own personal songs and vibrational – raise our frequency to create the lives we want…

Chakra & Energetic Body Tuning 

Many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions have studied and documented the musical & light nature of the Chakras, The Body and our Universe. Pulling from various traditions, my own personal experience and working with hundreds of clients, I am able to work with clients, groups and classes in a direct, intuitive and various ways to connect more deeply with their Energy Centers, Body and Voice