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Everything Is a Voice in Our Universe!

Everything Is a Voice in Our Universe!

By Diana Kelly Domingo

“Everything in our world, our universe, is made up of vibration and frequency, whether audible or inaudible: Everything operates on Relationship and Resonance. Everything has a Rhythm and Sound – a Voice to share!” Diana Kelly Domingo

The Realization that the World was created by the Voice washed over me one day… The entire world from the simple to the highly complex has been built on someone being able to voice an idea in some way – spoken language, written word, sign language, a story or song – and inspire the support around the idea. I began to see that in every room we enter, when we get in a car to drive, when we walk in the forest or swim in a river and when we eat, work and play, we are accompanied by tens of thousands, if not millions, of Voices along with an accompaniment of a Sonic symphony – some audible, some inaudible – some internal, some external.

The animals, plants and earth have a voice; Our memories have a voice; The Industrial World has a voice; Our thoughts have a Voice; God, Spirit and Angels have a voice; and Our Bodies have a voice! I even began to see everyone as a “Voice” walking upon this earth in relationship with Other voices – parented by these voices, taught by, sometimes hurt and often loved by these voices.

When we speak, move, create, we actually produce many detectable Notes and these Notes are being generated all around us, from the motor of a car to the purr of a kitten. From the click of a shoe to the rushing of a river…. (See Universal Notes Video Below).

What are the implications of this? There is a tremendous amount to be gained. If we begin to see the universe as frequency and vibration, and that we are in a Deep Musical and Sonic Relationship with the world around us, we can begin to connect with our “True Voice” – the one that is simply a direct channel to our Pure INTUITION + CREATIVE NATURE! It is the one pouring into us – PURE Consciousness – SINGING US INTO BEING. As we are able to tune-in to it both internally and externally, we are able to use it at will in our Daily Experiences, as well as in Transformative ways to Shape, Reshape and Revolutionize our lives.


Are you Ready to begin Seeing, and “hearing”, this for yourself?

Here are 3 Exercises to begin working with Sonic Awareness & Developing a deeper connection with your own voice:

  1. Observe Symphony of Sounds Around You. Wherever you are, Tune-in to your environment for 3-5 minutes… Notice & Jot down the symphony of sounds around you – the slamming of a car door, a refrigerator, the clicking of shoes, any human voices, the wind, a bird in a tree, music in the background.
  2. Notice the actual human Voices that you come into contact with each day. Simply observe how you feel around them or are affected by them. Notice how your voice changes in relationship to these voices. Does it sweeten with one person? Become sarcastic with another?
  3. Take note of Some of the Internal Voices that pop-up during the Day. This may come in many forms (thoughts, judgments, sarcasm) and there may be many so choose to work with 2 or 3…When they come up, Ask yourself, ”Whose Voice is this?”. Simply observe and write what comes up…You may be surprised to see that many of the voices & thoughts that surface aren’t your own or do not serve your happiness and growth. If they are negative ones such as, “I am not good enough” or “I suck at that” (you get the picture), simply ask that Voice to be returned to sender with Love and Consciousness! This begins to clear out old voices and create renewed energy.

Try to not be too judgmental of yourself during this process… I will be providing more Sonica Clearing, Healing & Empowerment Tools in future posts to work more deeply. This begins the Observation Process to open your world to The Voice…Stay tuned and Have fun in this World of Sound…Diana



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