Releasing Our True Voices into the World

These sessions show you how to access your voice at will and be able to express it as a means for healing and connection by aligning to your breath, truth and telling your story authentically.

You have a voice of power that is unique to only you. If we begin to see the universe itself as frequency and vibration, and that we are in a Deep Musical and Sonic Relationship with the world around us, we can begin to connect with our “True Voice” – the one that is simply a direct channel to our intuition and creative nature. It is the one pouring into us – pure consciousness. As we are able to tune-in to it, both internally and externally, we are able to use it at will in our daily experiences, as well as in transformative ways to shape, reshape and revolutionize our lives. Topics will include:

  • Breath and Vocalization

  • Opening Your Voice

  • “Clearing the Voices” Visualization and Meditation

  • Connecting with the Heart

  • Vocal Self-Care

All are welcome. No prior musical or singing experience is required.