In Tune-In

Discover your Frequency-Based Self

Would you like to know your Frequency-based self and learn how to access the power of your voice for your own healing, health and well-being? Now you can!

Using just 3 Quick Questions, a Voice Analysis is a cutting-edge assessment tool that quickly and easily determines frequency imbalances and weaknesses that need attention. A simple 5 minute “voice print” sorts the frequencies associated with all of your organs systems, and emotions determining an overall picture of your health.


Not only are results immediate and accurate, the session will give you a clear-cut plan, charting a definitive course for improved well-being. Non-invasive, safe for all ages, and cost-effective, a Voice Analysis gets at the heart of your symptoms in many cases uncovering problems before serious illness sets in. We are pleased to be able to offer this new service and technology as yet another way to improve your quality of life.

Your voice is waiting to tell you all it knows.

Sessions can be conducted on phone (ie remotely) or in-person.

Sign up here and Pay online today to receive 20% off of your first Voice Print and Analysis: (Use coupon code: healingpower at check out) http://vocalvoyaging.com/product/30-minute-voice-analysis/ or http://vocalvoyaging.com/product/voice-bio-60-minute-voice-analysis/

Starting at only $65 ($50 with coupon), choose your Option of 30- or 60- to receive a combination of: • Your Unique Voice Print w/ Birth Note; • Healing Tones to work with, based on your missing + lowest note(s); • A list of Lifestyle recommendations to restore imbalances in your body, including nutritional, music, breath, movement, vocal exercises, mantra, chants and more.

This technology is based on over 50 years of research, science and thousands of documented client results from pioneers in the field of Bio-acoustics.

Diana Domingo, MA, CYT has been applying this research for the past decade, while working with hundreds of individuals and groups and started offering these Voice Prints and Analysis to a small group of clients this past year. The breakthrough results her clientele has experienced have been measurable and significant, from people simply looking to create peace in their life and manage their emotions and reduce anxiety and depression levels to others with debilitating pain and other chronic issues.

While bridging the ideas presented from science and spirit, Diana came to fully understand the incredible healing power of the voice and has witnessed the results not only in the growth of her clientele, but in her own health and well-being .

Here’s what just a few of Diana’s clients are saying:

“The healing tones, along with the spot-on recommendations I received from my Voice Analysis with Diana have helped to improve my ability to focus significantly, balance my energy levels and relax on a deeper level. It is profound.” Jake D.

“After my concussion, I was experiencing headaches multiple times per day. After doing the Voice Analysis w/ Diana, following up with some referrals and listening to the healing tones she sent, my headaches were reduced to only one per day and now only occasionally.” Ally R.

“I have had severe Anxiety since I was a teenager and have often been paralyzed by circular thinking, worry and ruminating thoughts. One session with Diana helped me to go deeper than I’ve ever been able to. Her insights were amazing and she showed me ways to work with my issues – including voice, body & breath – work so they do not have such a hold on me. I feel so much calmer and at peace. Rebecca C.

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